The Dreaded Shoulds

Should should be stricken from our vocabulary? from the English language? from the world? Should is filled with expectation. Should is fraught with disappointment. Should is a false sense of security. I know what I should do. I know how I should act or react. I know why I should feel a certain way.

The Friends and Family Shoulds:

  1. You should respect your parents.
  2. You should clean your room.
  3. You should be nice to one another.
  4. You should call your mother more often.
  5. You should raise your children to improve the world.
  6. You should be a better spouse.
  7. You should clean the house.
  8. You should make your bed.
  9. You should take out the garbage.
  10. You should call more often.
  11. She should understand by now.
  12. She should just get over it.
  13. She should grow up.
  14. She should not text and drive.
  15. He should slow down.
  16. He should care more.
  17. He should sleep less.
  18. He should communicate better.
  19. He should ask more questions.
  20. He should help without asking.

I could go on and on with the dreaded shoulds. I could even make a Dr. Seuss book out of shoulds.

Should he, shouldn’t he, should she, shouldn’t she? Should they, shouldn’t they?
Not on a bus, not on a plane, not in a car, not on a train.

I should not, I will not, I can not. I won’t.
Not in a box, not with a fox, not in a house, not with a mouse.

I will not say should, I will not! I won’t!

Or? …



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