Where do I start?
What is the line I draw?
Is this too far?
Where is the big, green GO button?
Why can’t I touch it?
Why can’t I hear the roar of the crowd?
Why can’t I see where to fall?
Why can’t I feel the sand scraping my face?
Can anyone hear me?
Am I screaming too loud?
Should I whisper?
I’ll wait until later,
after the show.
This is a show isn’t it?
The stage. Raised.
On display for all to see.
Should I turn off the lights? Wave goodbye?
Will that make it better?
What is that buzzing sound?
Is it time to run? Are the curtains falling?
Will the light hurt?
Maybe it’s best to stay in the dark?
What? I couldn’t hear.
What did you say?
I wish I knew.
On second thought
I don’t.
What’s it like?
Inside your head.
Nevermind. Pretend I didn’t ask.
I don’t want to know.
What about me?
Should I go? Is it my turn?
You first.
Wait. Is that a flower?
I might need that.
No. Don’t speak!
It’s okay. Really.
I mean it.
Where’s that mirror?
Will it show me a sign?
Will it tell me the truth?
Will I feel the shards?
Will you watch the show?
Don’t leave.
Why rush?
I’m okay.
Did I say that?
That’s not true.

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