Save the Bubble

Once upon a time there was a girl who lived in a beautiful transparent bubble that she loved very much. She smiled each morning upon waking, thrilled to see the sun shining, happy to hear the birds singing, comforted by the warmth of her cat curled at her feet. She knew she was fortunate to have a roof over her head, a comfortable bed to sleep in and a wonderful family who inspired her.

It wasn’t all a pool of pink flamingos, believe me, but she focused on the good. Why give that other thing power? You see, she loved her bubble and would do anything to protect it. She was confident she was doing her part to keep her bubble safe. What she didn’t know, when she woke early that morning–a day like any other day–was how wrong she’d been. She didn’t realize as she drank her happy juice, watching crows flood the trees above, that today she would have to do more.

Because, you see, today was the beginning of an uprising. A revolt inside her bubble that threatened her very existence. It wasn’t a new threat, albeit one that had been acceptable to float beside. But that morning, the toxin spread farther and faster than it had in its entire existence. Expanding before her very eyes. Growing arms and legs. Tentacles encircled. Burning red like fire. It was sucking out the air. Sure to suffocate them. She knew it was time. The madness must stop before her bubble turned so dark she was blind to the toxin’s effects.

She took the first step, hoping others would stand with her. A wall was what they needed. A protective, impenetrable human wall to stop this bacteria from reaching the core. They must rise up and push back to the edges of existence. Everyone suffered. Everyone sacrificed. Everyone focused on one common goal.

“Save the bubble!” they chanted, banding together, closing the divide. Then, the bacteria began to shrink right before their very eyes. And POOF! It was gone. Just like that. She looked up toward the bright blue sky, inhaled deeply and smiled. Once again, the beauty of her bubble restored. That day she realized that from now on she had to fight to protect her bubble and so did everyone else. And they did and they lived happily ever after. #savethebubble#huffpostgram #writersofig

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