In the Beginning

Photo © 2016 Marla Carlton

Poem originally published September 23, 2016 in Love  and Ensuing Madness on
Rat’s Ass Review

Warning 18+ Audience suggested

Play me, Tempt me, Pursue me
Go ahead. Enjoy the fruits of your labor. I am here for your enjoyment.
I won’t break. 
I’ll come when you call. I’ll jump at the chance. I’ll enjoy the challenge.
I won’t refuse. 
This is the fun part. I’m a good sport. I won’t disappoint. I want to be better.
I won’t fall. 

Love Me. Fuck Me. Beat Me
I thought we were playing? I didn’t mean to upset you. Let’s do that again?
I won’t bleed. 
Is that all there is? I was expecting more. Can’t we continue?
I won’t crumble. 
I didn’t mean to make you angry. I am new to this. I want to have fun. Try new things.
I don’t like rules. It’s just the beginning. Have some patience.
I won’t succumb. 

Strangle me, Betray me, Condemn me
Take my dignity, my hope, my world. I don’t need your forgiveness.
I won’t choke. 
Be my guest. I’m ready when you are. Again and again and again and again.
I won’t die. 
I will rise up. I will fight. I will claim what is mine.
I am spawn of dust, creator of all, without me, you are nothing.
Get on your knees and pray. 

Author Note: This poem is a conversation Eve might have had with God upon being banned from the Garden of Eden.

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