One Mom’s Take on the Crazy U.S. Gun Laws

Humor me. Let’s go down the path of what the gun lobbyists and proponents of our second amendment rights keep spewing.

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

Okay. If we are to take this literally, as it seems we are supposed to, according to the gun advocates. We are all part of the militia … let’s forget about the well-regulated part. Anyway, as a member of the militia (any US citizen), my rights have already been infringed. If I am to live in a world where my life, my husband’s life and the lives of my children and community are in danger then I should have the right to bear arms without any permit, without any test, without any training, wherever I go. Right? Kind of like the Open Carry Texas (OCT).

For that matter, why do I need a permit to carry a concealed weapon? If I have the right to bear arms isn’t it my inalienable right to shove a gun in my pants and walk around ready for anything? (Note the way I’m carrying my gun in the photo.)

I also don’t want to be limited in my choice of weapon just like a “bad” guy wouldn’t be limited in his choice. I would like to have the right to carry a flamethrower or why not my own nuclear weapon, or at least pack some pipe bombs. I mean you never know when you might need those. But, of course, I have no intention of using them. I just want to be prepared. Let’s not forget the Bowie knife in my left boot, for backup.

If we are all armed then there will be less killing. Right? I mean let’s go for it. Let’s go balls out. What the hell are we waiting for? Maybe the gun toting Texans have it right? Maybe I am too liberal. Maybe the sun has melted my brain here in CALI.

“We’re showing them firsthand that you can see a gun out on the street or at a restaurant and it’s not going to shoot you.”

Do you remember that quote? That came from the one and only CJ Grisham, the founder and president of Open Carry Texas (OCT). Do you remember that crazy time when Texans went into the streets in full force, bearing their arms? That was the day where I definitely felt the slogan “Don’t Mess with Texas” was in their blood.

Don’t mess with Texas

Even the NRA didn’t want to mess with Texas. And to think I was considering moving my family to Austin, an island of sanity in an otherwise apparently insane state. When Texans toted their weapons strapped to their back, with babies in tow, to show they meant business, the NRA had the nerve, THE NERVE, to say crazy things like they had “crossed the line” and were “downright weird” and even boldly went where no man had gone before, stating

“Using guns merely to draw attention to yourself in public not only defies common sense, it shows a lack of consideration and manners.”

Turns out the NRA didn’t really mean what they said. Apparently, someone went rogue in their office. Shame on them! The NRA recanted and apologized to the OCT, with their tails between their legs. But CJ Grisham, whined how the NRA was siding with Moms Demand Action. And, because of this, he said, “his people” were showing up at restaurants with their tactical long guns.

Last time I checked  this IS NOT the wild west, and we AIN’T “guarding” our gold.


Let me digress for a moment. My brother is a police officer (and several family members). My dad and brother both fought in wars, on the front lines. My family has guns. I AM NOT AGAINST THE RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS. But this is frickin’ nuts. HELLO! We aren’t fighting a revolution. Or has somebody not told me something? Was I left out of the loop? Is there a revolution coming? SHIT! Then Let’s Arm Everyone. Hell Yeah!

Let’s go back to CJ for a minute and his lovely quote:

“We’re showing them firsthand that you can see a gun out on the street or at a restaurant and it’s not going to shoot you.”

Call me crazy, but I never really thought that a gun was going to shoot me. I mean I KNOW that “Guns don’t shoot people, people shoot people.” Right?

But, after Grisham’s statement I thought let’s just get it all out in the open. Let’s arm everyone and then we’ll have no more gun violence. I mean, if everyone has a gun, then there won’t be no guns shootin‘ anyone, anyhoo, right? I guess that’s why that mom thought it was okay to strap her semi automatic on her back and tote her twins on over to Home Depot. You know, just another day at the market. You never know when I might need this baby. But wait. Whoops. I have two other babies. How can I hold my twins and shoot? I’ll just figure that out when the time comes, Mr. and Mrs. Smith style you know what I’m saying.

I have no problem with the right to bear arms

Let me repeat … I HAVE NO PROBLEM WITH THE RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS but aren’t we just a tad bit extreme? Europeans think we are crazy but what do they know? We are THE SUPERPOWER so fuck them, right?

But let’s assume we care what the rest of the world thinks of us. I mean at least our allies anyway. Do you know what we look like every time another fucking mass shooting happens? We look like kids in a candy store that’s what we look like. An entire nation of fucking dumb ass children. And, you know what kids are like in a candy store don’t you? When kids are surrounded by candy, they can’t think clearly. It doesn’t matter if it’s bad for them. If sugar is bad for them. If it makes them act loopy. None of it matters. Well, that’s kind of like the Gun Activists. When you are surrounded by guns and likeminded individuals who LOVE guns, you lose the ability to think clearly.

We have a gun problem. Let me repeat. We have a gun problem.

I like dealing with the issue right in front of me. I like to keep things simple. I know, I know. You are about to repeat what I said earlier. Guns don’t kill people. People kill people. Mentally ill, mentally unstable people, right?

Just the facts

  • All countries have troubled youth.
  • All countries have mentally- and emotionally- disturbed children and adults.
  • 5% of the world’s population is responsible for 50% of mass shootings worldwide.

Worldwide school and mass shootings total approx. 350 dead from 1996 to the day Newtown happened according to’s timeline.  Let’s break this down… 7 billion people worldwide. 350 million in the USA.

5% of the world’s population responsible for over 50% of worldwide school and mass shooting deaths.

Out of approximately 350 deaths (numbers are from 1996 to Newtown – way more today) approximately 177 occurred in the USA vs. 175 in the rest of the world, namely Argentina (3), Baku (12), Bosnia-Herzegovina (1), Brazil (12), Canada (2), Finland (9), France (7), Germany (35), Norway (68),  Scotland (17), Sweden (1), Yemen (8)

Should we just arm everyone?

Should I wear a gun to my child’s school when I’m volunteering? Should I take a gun to the grocery store? Why can’t I fly with a gun on me? Shouldn’t that law have changed after 9/11? I mean if we are talking about arming everyone including teachers and the right to open carry then I think we should include passengers of airplanes as well because we have no escape from a psycho on a plane. Is this our new normal? Meet violence with violence? Shoot or be shot? Kill or be killed?

To tote or not to tote that is the question.

Remember the majority of Europeans consider us the Wild West, so let’s get it on.

I’m thinking Pulp Fiction. I’m thinking Taxi Driver. I’m thinking Terminator. I’m thinking anything Clint Eastwood.

“Go ahead, make my day.”

Because yeah, that’s how I want to live. I want to live in a movie. I want to kick some ass.

Reality Check

Guns are NOT THE ANSWER. Guns don’t MAKE US SAFER. Guns don’t ensure that you can protect yourself. Homes with guns in them are robbed more frequently.  Just read LA TIMES article “Does owning a gun make you safer?

Some excerpts:

In terms of deterrence, a recent study found that states with higher levels of household gun ownership have higher levels of firearm crime and do not have lower levels of other types of crime.

Another study, in 2003, found that counties with higher levels of household gun ownership have higher rates of household burglary, not lower. Burglars like to steal not only cash and jewelry but also guns. A homeowner with a collection of firearms may not want to advertise that fact.

… the evidence is overwhelming that a gun in the home increases the likelihood not only that a household member will be shot accidentally, but also that someone in the home will die in a suicide or homicide.

In addition, hundreds of thousands of household guns are stolen each year. Gun theft is a main pathway by which guns end up in criminal hands. The public health costs of gun ownership are very high.

What about protecting yourself?

More than 42% of the time, the victim took some action — maced the offender, yelled at the offender, struggled, ran away, or called the police. Victims used a gun in less than 1% of the incidents (127/14,145). In other words, actual self-defense gun use, even in our gun-rich country, is rare.

Bottom line

GUNS DON’T MAKE US SAFER. PERIOD. So, let’s stop all this nonsense. It’s time for our young nation to GROW UP. It’s time for us to act like adults. It’s time for us to take our hand out of the candy jar. And, speaking directly to politicians, it’s time to do what’s best for this country. Our forefathers are rolling in their grave I can assure you this is not what they intended for AMERICA, the land of the free, the home of the brave. It’s time to be brave and stand up to those bully gun activists. COME ON. MAKE MY DAY. Please.

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