Mr. Darcy, "Pride & Prejudice (2005)," Focus Features

Top 10 Dreamy Male Fictional Characters

I love movies, especially movies with hot male characters. I don’t just mean hot – like hot body hot – but that helps. I mean movies where the male character is dreamy, strong, romantic, chivalrous, and has a great smile. Yes, a great smile! Great smiles ooze sex appeal. There is nothing like watching a movie where a hunky man is completely taken by a woman—to the point that he can’t even function. I believe women have great power over men. We’ve heard the stories that a man needs a woman, but a woman doesn’t need a man—well, wouldn’t life be a bit boring without men? Don’t we all yearn for that real man—you know the one you see in movies—virile, sensitive, someone that needs us as much as we need them. You know, like those male characters we often find in Jane Austen novels. I know they aren’t real but indulge me.

I’ve compiled a list of dreamy (and hot) male movie characters that make me want to keep going back for more. The order I have placed the characters in is stream of consciousness—they are all 10’s in my book.


1. Mr. Darcy (Matthew MacFadyen)

Mr. Darcy, "Pride & Prejudice (2005)," Focus Features
Mr. Darcy, “Pride & Prejudice (2005),” Focus Features

Pride and Prejudice (2005) was not only one of my all time favorite books but also one of my favorite movies. Darcy is the epitome of male sex appeal. Aloof, quiet, mysterious. We all need a little mystery right?  For those of you Twilighters who think Edward Cullen is dreamy (hot), check out Pride and Prejudice as this was Stephanie Meyer’s inspiration for Twilight. Mr. Darcy is absolutely dreamy. Why? Because his character came to life for a woman. He was boring, uptight, and kind of ugly at the start of the film but halfway through, my God, he was irresistible, thanks to Elizabeth Bennet (Keira Knightley). My favorite scene in the entire movie is in the gazebo in the pouring rain. Of course, the sunrise at the end is also delicious.

2. Noah (Ryan Gosling)

Noah, The Notebook, New Line Cinema
Noah, The Notebook, New Line Cinema

I’m sure we’ve all watched, or been told by one of our girlfriends to watch The Notebook (2004). I don’t think I’ve ever met any woman who didn’t like this movie or Ryan Gosling’s character, Noah. Noah is perfect. There is something appealing about undying love. But what I really love about Noah is that he knows what he wants from day one, and he never waivers — now that is sexy!

3. Paul (Mark Ruffalo)

Paul, The Kids are All Right, Focus Features
Paul, The Kids are All Right, Focus Features

I feel like a lot of people still haven’t seen this movie, The Kids Are All Righta great film, right up there with Sideways. The characters are brilliantly developed, in my humble opinion. What appeals to me about Paul is his carefree, laissez-faire attitude. Combine that with being a successful entrepreneur as the owner of a socially-conscious business (organic foods restaurant, sourced locally), and I’m hooked. Of course, he is also hot! There is something about men who ride motorcycles and till their gardens that I find sexy. Call me crazy, but I love bohemian slick.

4. Thor (Chris Hemsworth)

Thor, Paramount Pictures
Thor, Paramount Pictures

Thor is not just a stupid action movie. Okay, maybe it is. I’m definitely not the type to go for a big, buff guy. Don’t get me wrong, I like muscles, but I like men who look like they are naturally hot – you know – maybe they play some sports, and they lift a few weights here and there and are magically in the perfect shape. It’s not sexy to imagine your man at the gym four hours a day, or on such a strict diet that you can’t lead a ‘normal’ life at home. You know what I mean? Well, I threw all my preconceptions out the window after seeing Thor. Who knew that a superhero could be so sensitive and fragile. Maybe it’s the fact that he was stripped of his hammer. Maybe it’s the fact that he needs a brilliant, female scientist (Jane Foster) to help him. Maybe it’s the fact that Thor oozes sex appeal. I don’t know. It’s that typical “nurse me back to health, and I will save the world” story and Chris Hemsworth convinced Jane and me that he can, in fact, save the world, all by himself. Who needs those other superheroes when you have Thor.

5. Holbrooke (Mark Wahlberg)

Holbrooke, Date Night, 20th Century Fox Film Corporation
Holbrooke, “Date Night,” 20th Century Fox Film Corporation

Way back when I was modeling, I had the fortune of walking on the same runway with Mark Wahlberg for Calvin Klein. (He was known as Marky Mark back then.) He dropped his baggies on the runway and stood there in his Calvins. Over twenty years later, he is hotter than ever. Mark has played many roles where he is dreamy (hot), but his role in Date Night just sticks with me. He was only on the screen for all of 10 minutes but those abs! It’s not just the abs. It’s his sureness, his smile, his knowledge, his character’s intelligence background. It’s just dreamy (hot). Don’t you agree? Check out the scene.

6. Juan Antonio (Javier Bardem)

Juan Antonio, "Vicky Cristina Barcelona," The Weinstein Company
Juan Antonio, “Vicky Cristina Barcelona,” The Weinstein Company

Juan Antonio, in Vicky Cristina Barcelona, is the quintessential example of a Latin lover. He is brazen, sensitive, and simply a tool to help women fulfill their dreams. He is a free spirit, a painter with a broken heart (still in love with his wife who tried to kill him) and just living in the moment. This is a character that only lives onscreen and is not meant to exist in reality, I understand that. This post is all about fictional characters, so allow me to indulge and just simply enjoy Juan Antonio for who he is, a dreamy fictional character. Thank you,  Javier Bardem.

7. Benjamin Button (Brad Pitt)

Benjamin Button, "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button," Warner Bros.
Benjamin Button, “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” Warner Bros.

Benjamin Button had a brilliant view of life. An adult looking at the world through a child’s eyes, with wonder and hope. What also made him dreamy was his love for his family and his mom. He was just an all-around dreamy character. And, of course, we have another one of those characters where one woman is his true soul mate. Yes, he met someone else along the way, but he always came back for Daisy. Something about the premise that there is one soul mate out there for each person — someone to grow old with, someone who understands what you need before you ask, your best friend — it’s comforting. Who couldn’t love Benjamin Button, and Brad Pitt isn’t bad to look at either.

8. Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale)

Bruce Wayne, "Batman Begins," Warner Bros.
Bruce Wayne, “Batman Begins,” Warner Bros.

OK, first off Christian Bale is just hot. He exudes sex appeal even if he’s skinny (The Fighter), overweight (American Hustle), a psycho (American Psycho) or a superhero (Batman). I just couldn’t bear to leave him off the list. As Bruce Wayne/Batman, he delivers many personalities. I wouldn’t really call him dreamy, but he tries really hard to do the right thing and that is dreamy.

9. John Grey (Mickey Rourke)

John, "Nine and a 1/2 Weeks," MGM
John, “Nine and a 1/2 Weeks,” MGM

John Grey. Need I say more? Funny how Grey was a last name way before that 50 Shades thing right? Anyway, he is one of the sexiest male characters of all time, and Mickey Rourke wasn’t bad either . John Grey is mysterious, unpredictable, and slightly crazy. If you haven’t seen 9 1/2 weeks do yourself a favor and watch it.

10. Johnny Castle (Patrick Swayze)

Johnny Castle, "Dirty Dancing," Vestron Pictures
Johnny Castle, “Dirty Dancing,” Vestron Pictures

Johnny is dreamy in so many ways but mostly, he is an incredible dancer. I still love watching Dirty Dancing. I saw it the first time ages ago in a movie theater, on a first date. Powerful first date movie and hard to live up to – poor guy. I own this on Apple TV and occasionally watch it when I’m looking for good old-fashioned romance.

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