Guest Posts: If you have something to share, pitch, or brainstorm in the theme of Drop by Drop, please don’t hesitate to shoot me a message either here or on Twitter or Instagram, #writingdropbydrop. I’d love to share your story on craft, passion and/or discipline. By sharing your journey, drop by drop, other writers and creatives benefit, and realize they are not alone.

Drop by Drop theme: All great works are created Drop by Drop. Ideas just don’t pop out of the sky. They come through writing every day. Books don’t write themselves. They come from writing, rewriting, editing, more rewriting, more editing and rewriting. As writers, it’s the commitment to the craft of writing that helps us in our journey to write the next greatest American novel, or at least something deemed publishable. Inspiration comes from writing and more writing, and reading of course. The only magic is when you actually sit down and write, when you have no inspiration because you know that Drop by Drop you’ll get there.

In the words of Elizabeth George, “You will be published if you possess three qualities—talent, passion, and discipline. You will probably be published if you posses two of the three qualities in either combination—either talent and discipline, or passion and discipline. You will likely be published if you possess neither talent nor passion but still have discipline.”

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