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The Bare Minimum Every Writer Must Do for their Brand: Part 1

As a Copywriter and Brand Designer by day, and a novel writer by night and weekends, I’ve realized how many writers would prefer to stick to writing and avoid marketing themselves at all costs. Marketing might as well be a four-letter word for many writers, and just the mere mention of the word marketing sets most writers into a state of stress or even panic. Even I recoil at the thought of marketing myself, and I spend my days working on brand and digital marketing strategies for my corporate clients.

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A Method to My Madness

I’m sitting here in the family room on my Crate and Barrel 15-year-old sectional. It’s 10:23pm. I just spent the past hour in my 8 year old daughter’s room reading “The Secret Garden” to her, in bed – trying to convince her that it really is a great book, if she would give it a chance. I tell her that my mom read it to me when I was little.

Her response, “They didn’t have that book when you were little.”

“Of course they did.” I said, trying to hold back the sarcasm.

What I really wanted to say was “Well, it wasn’t a printed book. My mom read from the carvings on the wall of the cave by the light of the fire.”

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Note to Self: Wear the Hat

I belong to a writing collective. It’s my support group of choice. In our last meeting of the year, our mentor (teacher, guru, genius, muse) gave us a pep talk that I want to share with you now. This pep talk was for writers but as he was talking I realized that this applies to just about every career. I mean as his mouth was moving, my mind carried me through time, through my past careers, through all my insecurities, through a

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