Aspen Spirit

Aspens, their golden leaves whispering with the slightest breeze, a voice of Spirits or so legend has it. A rustling sound like rain. It is said that aspens hold magic, their leaves rife with power. Powerful enough to visit the underworld and return safely when wearing a crown of aspen leaves. Place a leaf under your tongue and speak more eloquently so says the Gaelic folklore. Stand under their canopy amidst majestic slender stalks mesmerized by the light dappling through their pale undersides. Careful though if you linger too long you may disappear into the land of the faeries. Would that be so bad? Aspis, the Greek name for Aspens, the shield tree not only in a literal sense, its wood used for making shields but also a shield from evil. It is said a stake from aspen wood can kill a vampire or werewolf. Scottish considered the trees to be sacred, just as Rowan trees. Cutting one down was akin to killing a man. Christians called the aspen trees evil. I’ve stood within a forest of aspens today, and I can assure you I felt no evil, only peace. #aspen #goddesstree #pagan #nature #autumnleaves🍂 #wind #rustling #mystical #legends

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